Vasco Cristóvão, website username login: Lvasco

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Individual Research
Pedra do Ouro
Ponte do Freixo
2445 Pataias

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Member of the following CSDMS groups

  • Coastal Working Group
  • Marine Working Group
  • Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Working Group
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group

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CSDMS-related interest

My research is based on studying the propagation of water waves over a certain solid big DIMENSIONS. However should be taken into account relevant factors such as wave refraction, direction and wind strength. Later, Will be also investigated in corentes generated sea as well as the deposition (or not) of sediment. This kind of initial study will serve to analyze the feasibility of a system that execute slow down in part the high pace of coastal erosion, thus taking advantage of to improve the stability of cliffs, strengthen tourist areas and very important to increase the existing dune range. (Well, it turns out that by intrevenção of man and nature that is being considerably reduced.)