Turbidity currents 2009


Modeling of turbidity currents and related gravity currents, June 1-3, 2009

Photo by Flickr user Ben Grogan used under a Creative Commons license
Date: June 1-3, 2009
Location: Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara (CA), USA
Convenors: Eckart Meiburg (UCSB) and Ben Kneller (University of Aberdeen, UK)




Following the successful first workshop of 2005, this three-day informal meeting will be an opportunity for discussion on all aspects of the behaviour of turbidity and related gravity currents, including relevant studies on non-particulate gravity currents, from direct observations in the environment and the laboratory to numerical simulation. The workshop will consist of a combination of relatively informal plenary sessions, posters, and an offsite half-day excursion to promote informal discussion. We suggest that this should be a work- in-progress meeting, and anticipate perhaps 50 to 60 participants.

Circulars and Program

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Gonzalez-Juez, Eduardo Gravity Current Flow past a Circular Cylinder - Forces, Wall Shear Stresses and Implications for Scour
Groenenberg, Remke Are relay ramps pathways for turbidity currents?
Henniger, Rolf Direct Numerical Simulation of Particle Settling in Model Estuaries
Lesshafft, Lutz Inverse Modeling of sediment deposition from turbidity currents
Lesshafft, Lutz Sediment Waves:linear stability of a turbidity current boundary layer
Puhl, Eduardo Turbidity currents physical modeling at different scales: data parameterization through dimensional analysis and multiple regression models