Terrestrial WG Discussion


Dear Terrestrial Group:
I’m looking forward to seeing many of you later this week at CSDMS 2.0: Moving Forward. Here are a few items to note in advance of the meeting:

  1. We will be developing a list of short-, medium- and long-term group goals for the new 5-year Strategic Plan. To prepare for this, please have a look at the Terrestrial Group’s goals from the previous strategic plan (pages 14-16): https://csdms.colorado.edu/w/images/CSDMS_Strategic_Planv3F-48-op.pdf
  2. We will be nominating a particular model(s) that we would like to have fully incorporated in the CSDMS Modeling Framework and CMT. The idea is that a small core group works with CSDMS software engineers to get this model into the CSDMS framework, tests it out by applying it to a science problem, and publishes a paper. So, please give some thought this week to potential models.
  3. Forming “Terrestrial Theme Teams”: these are small groups organized around particular sub-disciplines (e.g., biogeochemistry, soil erosion, etc.) and/or particular topics (e.g., model benchmarking, cyclo-stratigraphy, etc.). So, please take a few minutes to think of themes to propose.
  4. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to participate, there are several options. If you have comments and suggestions ahead of time, please email them to me and I will incorporate them in our documents and deliberations. We will also be using google docs for live note-taking during our breakout sessions, and everyone is encouraged to add material directly to these documents during the meeting (we’ll have a special section of each document devoted to any and all general ideas from the group). Information on how to access these will be forthcoming. Also, as usual, materials from the meeting (slides, documents, presentations, and so on) will be posted on the CSDMS website.