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Note: The templates T, T0, T1, T2, Tl contain the same code with the only difference of the default value for the parameter incl=.

Template i appearance
T 2 {{T}}
T0 8 T0
T1 1 {{T1}}
T2 0 {{T2}}
Tl 2 {{Tl}}

This means that each of them can be converted into each one of the others by just replacing that parameter:

T {{T|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|{{{lang|}}}}}}|i={{{i|{{{incl|2}}}}}}|code={{{code|}}}}} {{T}}
T0 {{T|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|{{{lang|}}}}}}|i={{{i|{{{incl|8}}}}}}|code={{{code|}}}}} T
T1 {{T|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|{{{lang|}}}}}}|i={{{i|{{{incl|1}}}}}}|code={{{code|}}}}} {{T}}
T2 {{T|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|{{{lang|}}}}}}|i={{{i|{{{incl|0}}}}}}|code={{{code|}}}}} {{T}}
Tl <tt>{{T|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|{{{lang|}}}}}}|i={{{i|{{{incl|2}}}}}}|code={{{code|}}}}}</tt> {{T}}
Tl {{#tag:tt|{{T|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|{{{lang|}}}}}}|i={{{i|{{{incl|2}}}}}}|code={{{code|}}}}}}} {{T}}

(Because the templates T and Tl are both editprotected currently only T0 and T1 are maintained; the examples below may not work well with other templates.)


with code=y

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