Template:FAQs HPCC General

  1. How can I get an account on Beach?
    Users wishing to get an account on the CSDMS cluster should follow these guidelines to request a one year guest account on our machine. Please note that account requests may take up to one week to process.
  2. Where should a new Beach user begin?
    New users should read through the Technical Web pages that list guidelines for using Beach. In particular, new users should become familiar with VPN and ssh by means of the FAQ.
  3. Can I receive a letter of support from CSDMS when I apply for outside funding?
  4. How do I acknowledge CSDMS in my publications?
    You can use our logo in talks. When reporting results that were obtained on the CSDMS cluster, we request that the following language be used as an acknowledgement:
"We acknowledge computing time on the CU-CSDMS High-Performance Computing Cluster."
Also, please notify us of any tech reports, conference papers, journal articles, theses, or dissertations which contain results which were obtained on beach. Your assistance will help to ensure that our online bibliography of results is as complete as possible. Citations should be sent to us.