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Nasr-Azadani, M.M.; Meiburg, E.; 2011. TURBINS: An immersed boundary, Navier–Stokes code for the simulation of gravity and turbidity currents interacting with complex topographies. Computers & Fluids, 45, 14–28. 10.1016/j.compfluid.2010.11.023
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Nasr-Azadani, M.M.; Hall, B.; Meiburg, E.; 2013. Polydisperse turbidity currents propagating over complex topography: Comparison of experimental and depth-resolved simulation results. Computers & Geosciences, 53, 141–153. 10.1016/j.cageo.2011.08.030
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2013Model application 46
Syvitski, J.P.M.; Arango, H.G.; Harris, C.K.; Meiburg, E.H.; Jenkins, C.J.; Hutton, E.W.H.; Auad, G.; Xing, F.; 2016. Keynote Speech - Modeling of Sediment Transport in the Gulf of Mexico due to the Influence of Hurricanes. . Volume .
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Harris, Courtney; Syvitski, Jaia; Arango, H.G.; Meiburg, E.H.; Cohen, Sagy; Jenkins, C.J.; Birchler, Justin; Hutton, E.W.H.; 2020. Data-Driven, Multi-Model Workflow Suggests Strong Influence from Hurricanes on the Generation of Turbidity Currents in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 8, 586. 10.3390/jmse8080586
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