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1997Model overview 58
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1993Model overview 2
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2007Model application 53
Saura, Eduard; Garcia-Castellanos, Daniel; Casciello, Emilio; Parravano, Vanessa; Urruela, Aritz; Vergés, Jaume; 2015. Modeling the flexural evolution of the Amiran and Mesopotamian foreland basins of NW Zagros (Iran-Iraq): Flexural evolution of NW Zagros. Tectonics, 34, 377–395. 10.1002/2014TC003660
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2015Model application 58
Willett, Sean D.; Hovius, Niels; Brandon, Mark T.; Fisher, Donald M.; Garcia-Castellanos, Daniel; 2006. Long-term evolution of tectonic lakes: Climatic controls on the development of internally drained basins. In: (eds.)Tectonics, Climate, and Landscape Evolution.. .
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2006Model application 57
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