Summer Institute on Earth-Surface Dynamics 2012

August 14-23rd, 2013


NCED (National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics) and CSDMS teach the Summer Institute on Earth-Surface Dynamics, SIESD, designed to engage young scientists in a focused topic in Earth-surface dynamics. The topic of the 2012 Summer Institute will be Future Earth: Interaction of Climate and Earth-surface Processes. NCED shares expertise on laboratory experiments and fieldwork and CSDMS brings numerical modeling experiments. This two-week institute invited PhD students and young faculty to participate in integrated modeling.

Summer School 2012 Topic

This year's institute will focus on the interaction between climate and landscapes over a range of scales. What will the effect be of more intense rainfall events on surface morpho-dynamics, flooding and landslide hazards? What will the effect be of sea level rise and human impacts on coastal eco-hydrology and deltaic systems? Emphasis will be placed on the study of basic processes at the intersection of water-earth-biota using examples and data from diverse landscapes. Hands-on learning opportunities will include the exploration of physical experiments and theoretical models as well as landscape evolution modeling using the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) tools. Mentoring and broader impact activities will include touring the "Future Earth" exhibit of the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Summer Institute is designed to be a stimulating environment for learning, bonding, mentoring and life-long academic partnerships.

Find more information and sign up here: SIESD 2012

Modeling of Landscape Evolution and Stratigraphy Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction, Roadmap and Objectives --Irina Overeem and Greg Tucker
  • Introduction to CSDMS
  • Overview of models and modeling -- Greg Tucker
  • CHILD hands-on session 1

  • Experiments of Landscape Evolution and Modeling of Such Experiments -- Arvindh Singh and Greg Tucker
  • Overview of Landscape Evolution Models (Part 2) -- Greg Tucker
  • CHILD hands-on session 2
  • Discussion

Day 2

  • Overview of stratigraphic models and modeling -- Irina Overeem
  • Learn to Use CSDMS Modeling Tool (CMT)
  • Sedflux hands-on session 1

  • Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on Stratigraphy – Irina Overeem
  • Sedflux hands-on session 2
  • Introduction to model coupling philosophy and technology, and discussion
  • Child-Sedflux demo
  • Discussion and Evaluation

Course Material

Description Downloads
Introduction to CSDMS presentation
A Practical Introduction to Landscape Evolution Modeling presentation
Notes and Files for CHILD modeling lab zip file
More Files for CHILD modeling lab zipfile 2
Modeling Stratigraphy presentation
Notes and Files for Sedflux modeling lab zipfile 3
Coupling terrestrial and marine: Sea level rise then fall 2D, 3D
Coupling terrestrial and marine: Sea level fall then rise 2D, 3D
Replacement for matlab file cvolplot.m zipped matlab script