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There are 11 datasets described below.

Dataset infoTypeOriginDescriptionData example
African Sediment Yield Dataset River discharge Measured Measured sediment yields of African rivers Fig1 CatchmentLocations.png
Dartmouth Flood Observatory River discharge Measured Dartmouth Flood Observatory: Space-based Measurement of Surface Water DFO global 2010.png
GRDC River discharge Measured Glocal Runoff Data Centre GRDC.png
Global River and Delta Systems River discharge Measured Global River and Delta Systems Global River and Delta systems.png
HYDAT River discharge Measured HYDAT - Online access to historical water levels, streamflow and sediment data of Canada HYDAT NRC drainage basins Canada.png
Modeled Suspended Sediment in Global Rivers River discharge Modeled Modeled Global Suspended Sediment Flux Cohen 2014.jpg
NRLP India River discharge Modeled Proposed canals and dams data for the Indian Rivers Interlinking project India.png
NWIS River discharge Measured National Water Information System (NWIS) NWIS.png
R-ArcticNet River discharge Measured R-ArcticNet (v4.0) - A Regional, Electronic, Hydrographic Data Network For the Arctic Region R-ArcticNet.png
Sage River discharge Measured Global River Discharge Database Sage.png
World River Sediment Yields Database River discharge Measured This database contains data on annual sediment yields in worldwide rivers and reservoirs, searchable by river, country and continent. Mississippi.jpg