Author(s) Peters-Lidard, Christa D.; Kemp, Eric M.; Matsui, Toshihisa; Santanello, Joseph A.; Kumar, Sujay V.; Jacob, Jossy P.; Clune, Thomas; Tao, Wei-Kuo; Chin, Mian; Hou, Arthur; Case, Jonathan L.; Kim, Dongchul; Kim, Kyu-Myong; Lau, William; Liu, Yuqiong; Shi, Jainn; Starr, David; Tan, Qian; Tao, Zhining; Zaitchik, Benjamin F.; Zavodsky, Bradley; Zhang, Sara Q.; Zupanski, Milija;
BibType journalArticle
Title Integrated modeling of aerosol, cloud, precipitation and land processes at satellite-resolved scales
Year 2015-05-01
Journal Environmental Modelling & Software
Volume 67
Pages 149–159
DOI 10.1016/j.envsoft.2015.01.007
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Model(s) discussed: WRF