CSDMS 2024: Coastlines, Critical Zones and Cascading Hazards: Modeling Dynamic Interfaces from Deep Time to Human Time

Simulating mangrove-mudflat dynamics with a hybrid eco-hydro-morphodynamic model

Sebrian Beselly

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education; Delft University of Technology; Universitas Brawijaya, Netherlands
Uwe Grueters Institute of Plant Ecology, Justus Liebig University Germany
Mick van Der Wegen IHE Delft Institute for Water Education; Deltares Netherlands
Johan Reyns IHE Delft Institute for Water Education; Deltares; Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Jasper Dijkstra Deltares Netherlands
Dano Roelvink IHE Delft Institute for Water Education; Deltares; Delft University of Technology Netherlands

There is global recognition to push forward mangrove restoration and conservation for climate mitigation and adaptation. Unfortunately, although our understanding of mangrove processes has significantly improved, 80-90% of the reported restoration projects have experienced failures. The main reasons are related to a poor understanding of the eco-geomorphological dynamics and mangrove species-specific ecological requirements. Mangrove restoration guidelines exist; however, they may be site-specific and cannot be easily replicated in other restoration cases. Hence, it emphasizes the need for a system understanding of mangrove ecosystem physical and ecological interactions. We developed a hybrid model by coupling the process-based hydro-morphodynamic model Delft3D-FM (DFM) and the individual-based mangrove model MesoFON (MFON). The model (DFMFON) allows us to resolve spatiotemporal processes, including tidal, seasonal, and decadal environmental changes with full-life-cycle mangrove interactions. The DFMFON model successfully reproduced observed spatiotemporal (seasonal-decadal) mangrove development, like the age-height relationship and morphodynamic delta features in a prograding Porong Delta, Indonesia.

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