CSDMS 2022 Webinars

Machine Learning - Part 2


Dan Buscombe

USGS/Marda Science, United States
Evan Goldstein University of North Carolina, Greensboro United States

Part 2 will focus on the use of Segmentation Gym (, for training and implementing deep-learning-based image segmentation models. Participants will be given datasets and models to use for their own model building and implementation, or optionally they may use their own data, for example label images they made in Part 1. Hardware needs, and common problems and their workarounds will be discussed.

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Of interest for:
  • Marine Working Group
  • Terrestrial Working Group
  • Coastal Working Group
  • Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Working Group
  • Cyberinformatics and Numerics Working Group
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group
  • Chesapeake Focus Research Group
  • Critical Zone Focus Research Group
  • Human Dimensions Focus Research Group
  • Geodynamics Focus Research Group
  • Ecosystem Dynamics Focus Research Group
  • Coastal Vulnerability Initiative
  • Continental Margin Initiative
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Initiative
  • Modeling Platform Interoperability Initiative
  • River Network Modeling Initiative