CSDMS 2020 Webinars

CSDMS Summer Science Series II: GCAM and Demeter: A global, integrated human-Earth systems perspective to modeling land projections

Chris Vernon

Pacific Northwest National Lab, United States

GCAM is an open-source, global, market equilibrium model that represents the linkages between energy, water, land, climate, and economic systems. One of GCAM's many outputs is projected land cover/use by subregion. Subregional projections provide context and can be used to understand regional land dynamics; however, Earth System Models (ESMs) generally require gridded representations of land at finer scales. Demeter, a land use and land cover disaggregation model, was created to provide this service. Demeter directly ingests land projections from GCAM and creates gridded products that match the desired resolution, and land class requirements of the user.

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Of interest for:
  • Terrestrial Working Group
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group
  • Ecosystem Dynamics Focus Research Group