CSDMS 2020 Webinars

CSDMS Summer Science Series I: Man-made Objects including old Bombs move around at the Seafloor during Extreme Storms: Modeling Results

Chris Jenkins

University of Colorado, United States

Man-made objects - 'junk', bombs, artificial reefs, containers - litter the seafloor. Many of the munitions remain active (unstable) and polluting, and are a danger for seabed engineering projects. We numerically modeled how they may move during powerful storms. Kinematic analysis per wave cycle (by period and orbital velocity) created a matrix of the movement probabilities, which were convolved with spatial (mapped) values of the same across the German Bight, taking bomb type and sediment type into account. The model can look at historical patterns of migration, and even predict movement in real-time as a storm evolves hour by hour.

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Of interest for:
  • Coastal Working Group
  • Marine Working Group
  • Continental Margin Initiative