CSDMS 2019 Webinars

The CSDMS Python Modeling Toolkit (PyMT)

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Eric Hutton

University of Colorado, Boulder, United States

CSDMS’s newly released Python Modeling Tool (PyMT) is an open source Python package that provides convenient tools for coupling models that use the Basic Model Interface. Historically, earth-surface process models have often been complex and difficult to work with. To help improve this situation and make the discovery process more efficient, PyMT provides an environment in which community-built numerical models and tools can be initialized and run directly from a Python command line or a Jupyter Notebook. To illustrate how PyMT works and the advantages it provides, we will present a demonstration of two coupled models. By simplifying the process of learning, operating, and coupling models, PyMT frees researchers to focus on exploring ideas, testing hypotheses, and comparing models with data. Pre-registration required.

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