CSDMS 2017 annual meeting: Modeling Coupled Earth and Human Systems - The Dynamic Duo

Modeling Permafrost; a new software toolbox to explore frozen grounds

Irina Overeem

University of Colorado, Boulder, United States
Elchin Jafarov LANL United States
Kang Wang University of Colorado, Boulder United States

Permafrost is one of the Arctic climate indicators, and feedback of thawing permafrost to the global climate system through the impacts on the carbon cycle remains an important research topic. Observations can assess the current state of permafrost, but models are eventually essential to make predictions of future permafrost state.
In this 2hr clinic, we will present a new, easy-to-access and comprehensive cyberinfrastructure for permafrost modeling. The ‘PermaModel Integrated Modeling Toolbox’ includes three permafrost models of increasing complexity. The IMT is embedded within the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System Web Modeling Tool (WMT). We include multiple sets of sample inputs, representing a variety of climate and soil conditions and locations, to enable immediate use of the IMT.
The hands-on clinic teaches students and researchers how to run and use several permafrost models. The presented models are envisioned to be the suitable for quick exploration of hypotheses and for teaching purposes.

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Of interest for:
  • Terrestrial Working Group
  • Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Working Group