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Tree Fall during Hurricane Sandy 2012

Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial, environmental controls
Keywords: hurricane winds, tree roots, ecosystem-soil interactions
Model name: Animation model name
Name: CNN, TV
Where: Long Island, NY, USA
When: October 29th, 2012

Short Description

Grade level: Middle (6-8), High (9-12), Under graduate (13-16), Graduate / Professional

Statement: Tree is uprooted due to hurricane strength winds

Abstract: In general, trees roots help prevent erosion from small erosion events. However, when really high winds occur, trees can be uprooted and cause a big disturbance of the soil/surface. This video shows a tree being battered by high winds, probably near 130 km/hr, during the landfall of Hurrican Sandy. When a hurricane makes landfall wind speeds are reduced compared to the winds speed above the ocean water surface, still, the wind speeds in the coastal zone can be very high. You can see the grass mat in the backyard of a home in Long Island ripping by the shallow rooted large tree that is falling over. Not how much sediment is brought up with the root mass. Numerical models have been designed to capture this process (a model called TreeThrow features in the CSDMS model repository).




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