Movie:The Development of An Experimental Meandering River


Information Page: The Development of An Experimental Meandering River

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Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial, hydrology
Model name: Animation model name
Name: Wout, van Dijk
Where: Laboratory
When: hours

Short Description

Grade level: Under graduate (13-16), Graduate / Professional

Statement: A meandering river created by a tank experiment

Abstract: This video shows the elevation of a river bed and surrounding surface, when as meandering 'river' migrates in a flume.

Done at the Eurotank at at Utrecht University. The meander was created by moving the water inlet to the tank.The tank used is 6 meters wide and 11 meters long.

The full experiment is described in Van Dijk et al., 2012.


Meandering rivers are ubiquitous in nature, but have been difficult to simulate in flumes.

The snake-like pattern found in meandering rivers occurs as meanders migrate as the outer bank of a river erodes sediment, and the inner curve of a river receives deposits of sediment.



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