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Evolution of a sand-bed river with HSTAR

Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial
Keywords: river evolution, sediment transport, bend migration, bar migration, vegetation
Model name: HSTAR
Name: Andrew, Nicholas
Where: Large scale sand bed river system
When: 350 years simulation time

Short Description

Grade level: Under graduate (13-16), Graduate / Professional

Statement: Evolution of a sand bed river

Abstract: The HSTAR model is developed to investigate the morphological change in large=-scale river systems. It uses the shallow water equations and nested sediment transport and erosion algorithms to control the changes in the river due to varying water transport. The model has a unique ability to mimick the growth of vegetation on river bars that are not inundated anymore. This simulation runs for 350 years (in modeled time) and you can see the river system evolve. First there are just mid channel bars, then a river with multiple channel treads evolves. This pattern is commonly observed in nature (for example in the Amazon Basin). You can also see bend migration and bar cutt-offs once the river system rreaches a more stable pattern.




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