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Landslide in Swiss Alps

Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial
Keywords: landslide, instability, rockfall, tension cracks
Model name: Animation model name
Name: Swiss Broadcasting, TV news
Where: Preonzo, Swiss
When: May 16th, 2012

Short Description

Grade level: Middle (6-8), High (9-12), Under graduate (13-16), Graduate / Professional

Statement: Large rock failure causes a landslide in the Swiss Alps, May 2012

Abstract: This landslide occurred directly above Preonzo in the Swiss Alps. Scientists had classified this slope as unstable, already for some time. One indicator of the instability were large tension cracks on the top of the slope. Active monitoring of the slide was ongoing, and the radar techniques had indicated the movement had accelerated shortly befor ethe event happened. Thus, fortunately, the landslide runoff zone had been cordoned off and there were no casualties.

The video actually shows the secondary movement of debris along the slope, not the failure of the rock-headwall that initiated the slide. Note that the slope is densely vegetated, the trees did not prevent this failure from happening. The last imagery shows a helicopter view of the massive haedwall scar.




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