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Complex Flow at Channel Confluence

Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial, hydrology
Keywords: River confluence
Keywords: Eddy simulations
Model name: 3D Detached Eddy Simulations
Name: George, Constantinescu
Where: small river confluence in Illinois
When: Minutes

Short Description

Grade level: Graduate / Professional

Statement: Forming of eddies in the mixing interface

Abstract: The movie shows a small river confluence in Illinois. The figure shows the bathymetry and dimensions, it is a small system (~8 m wide, 0.65m deep). It is an asymmetrical confluence with concordant bed, the velocity and momentum (rQU) ratios are ~1.0. In that case, the mixing layer development is driven by difference in directions of the streams. Other simulation conditions are: - Re~166,000 (D=0.4m U=0.44 m/s), Fr=0.24 - Maximum scour depth 2.92D

In the movie, obvious eddies develop at the mixing interface, they propagate downstream, complete mixing is not reached in the simulated stretch.


River confluence example

Confluences are a common element of river networks, especially in the lower reaches and the deltaic floodplain. They are characterized by large-scale turbulent motions. Confluences are even more common in braided river networks, and play an important role in reworking and transporting bedload material.



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