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Information Page: An Alpine Glacier's Drainage System: Gornergletscher drainage system

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Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial, hydrology
Model name: Animation model name
Name: Mauro, Werder
Where: Gornergletscher, Switzerland
When: One Season

Short Description

Grade level: Under graduate (13-16), Graduate / Professional

Statement: Liquid water routing in an alpine glacier

Abstract: Subglacial discharge simulated for Gornergletscher: arrows depict discharge in the distributed system, blue shows discharge in channels.


1280px-Panorama Monte Rosa Hut 1.jpg

Liquid water is thought to move through alpine glaciers as diffuse and channelized flow, and is governed by the pressure field created by the weight of overlying ice. This 2-D model combines the governing equations for both types of flow to model the movement of water in the the Gornergletscher, an alpine glacier in Switzerland.

A video of the talk Mauro Werder gave at the CSDMS 2013 annual meeting on glacial hydrology is available on the CSDMS website,



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