Model repository versions


Model repository versions

CSDMS uses the open source version control system, Subversion to maintain model repositories. The base of every repository contains the usual trunk, tags, and branches directories.


The trunk contains up-to-date versions of model source code that developers have submitted. Because this is the "main line" of development, keep in mind that the trunk may be used for active development and so could contain unstable code.


A tag is just a snapshot of a project in time. A model developer will often tag a particular snapshot with a human friendly name, such as release-1.0 (or a date, of just a version number).


A branch is a line of development parallel to the trunk. Branches are often created for one of two reasons:

  1. to make larger, experimental or disrupting changes without annoying users working on the trunk or
  2. to maintain a mainentance line of development for older project releases.