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As part of the CUAHSI HIS project (, a large and growing collection of hydrologic time series data has been made available through a uniform web service called HIS Central. The HIS Central website provides a list of registered public data services and a separate information page for each service. The HIS Central web service uses WML (Watershed Markup Language) to create a single, standard interface to this diverse and distributed set of web services. A list of allowed "concept keywords" that can be used for queries can be found from this website ( A description of the WSDL interface functions can be found from this website (

Model introduction

This component lets you create a query by entering a search keyword, bounding box, start date, stop date, etc. Once data has been downloaded from the web service, it can either be saved to files or accessed directly by other components through the "Data" port, which has a standard CSDMS IRF-based interface. Note that this component must currently be used in "stand-alone/driver" mode, so that the Run button will appear.

Model parameters

Parameter Description Unit
Component status Enabled/Disabled -
Input directory - -
Output directory - -
Site prefix file prefix for the study site -
Case prefix file prefix for the model scenario -
Parameter Description Unit
Data keyword HIS data keyword -
West edge longitude Longitude of west edge of geologic region (-180.0~180.0) dec. degree
East edge longitude Longitude of east edge of geologic region (-180.0~180.0) dec. degree
North edge longitude Longitude of north edge of geologic region (-90.0~90.0) dec. degree
South edge longitude Longitude of south edge of geologic region (-90.0~90.0) dec. degree
Start month - -
Start day start day (0~31) -
Start year start year (1900~2020) -
Stop month - -
Stop day stop day (0~31) -
Stop year stop year (1900~2020) -
Parameter Description Unit
Save time series timestep time interval between time series values (0.0~1000000.0) sec
Save time series toggle Option to save time series -
Save time series file filename for time series -

Uses ports

This will be something that the CSDMS facility will add

Provides ports

This will be something that the CSDMS facility will add


Additional "Data" components that download data from online web services are planned for the near future including a component to download seamless USGS NED DEMs and a component to download grids and grid stacks using OpenDAP.


An example run with input parameters, BLD files, as well as a figure / movie of the output

Follow the next steps to include images / movies of simulations:

See also: Help:Images or Help:Movies


Scott Peckham


Peckham, S.D. and J.L. Goodall (2011) Driving plug-and-play models with data from web services: A demonstration of interoperability between CSDMS and CUAHSI-HIS, Computers and Geosciences, special issue: Modeling for Environmental Change, in press.


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