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CSDMS all hands meeting 2013

Integration of an ‘Eco-hydrologic Component’ to a Generic Gridding Engine for 2D Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics

Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati, University of Washington Seattle Washington, United States.
Erkan Istanbulluoglu, University of Washington Seattle Washington, United States.
Greg Tucker, CIRES Boulder Colorado, United States.
Nicole Gasparini, Tulane University New Orleans Louisiana, United States.
Eric Hutton, CSDMS Boulder Colorado, United States.
Dan Hobley, University of Colorado Boulder Colorado, United States.

[[Image:|300px|right|link=File:]]This presentation discusses the implementation of component-based software design in Eco-hydrologic modeling. As a first step, we present development and integration of a radiation component that uses the local topographic variables to compute shortwave and longwave radiation data over a complex terrain for modeling Eco-hydrologic dynamics. This component is integrated to a central element that develops and maintains a grid, which represents the landscape under consideration. This component communicates with various other components such as ‘vegetation component’ and ‘soil moisture component’. This component is adapted from the Channel-Hillslope Integrated Landscape Development (CHILD) Model code and has been enhanced. Preliminary results of this study demonstrate the advantages of adopting component-based software design such as improved flexibility, interchangeability and adaptability.