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CSDMS all hands meeting 2011

The complexity of modeling a glaciated shelf using SEDFLUX

Kim Picard, Natural Resources Canada Sidney NO STATE, .

[[Image:|300px|right|link=File:]]The present study uses the Sedflux stratigraphic model to simulate the Late Pleistocene evolution of the Eastern Beaufort Continental Shelf, Canadian Arctic. During this period, the proximity and the dynamics of the Laurentide Ice Sheet created a complex glacial environment. Modeling such environments thus presents challenges. Modules and input parameters have to be able to simulate major fluctuations in sea-level and sediment supply, an ever evolving source of sediments, a large outwash plain, sudden outburst floods, permafrost aggradation, glacial isostasy, etc. In addition, detailed understanding of glacially-influenced environments in general and the glacial history of the local region specifically make it difficult to estimate parameters such as sediment supply. This poster thus presents the challenges and the potential solutions in using SEFLUX to simulate the stratigraphy of a glaciated shelf such as the Beaufort Shelf.