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There are 10 datasets described below.

Dataset infoTypeOriginDescriptionData example
3D Land Mapping Land Cover Measured Combining Lidar and Radar for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces 3D land mapping.png
GIMMS Land Cover Measured Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies (GIMMS) GIMMS.png
GLC-SHARE Land Cover Measured Global Land Cover-SHARE (GLC-SHARE) provides access to an assembled product of global land cover. Glcshare map.jpg
Geomorpho90m Land Cover Measured A global dataset comprising of different geomorphometric features derived from the MERIT-Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - the best global, high-resolution DEM available. Geomorpho90m GeomorphologicalForms.png
GlobCover Land Cover Measured Global Land Cover Map GlobCover2009.jpg
Global Cropland Area (1960-2100) Land Cover Modeled Global Cropland Area predictions by the GLUDM model GLUDM predictions.png
Global Forest Heights Land Cover Measured Forest canopy height globally with spaceborne lidar Global-forest-height-2005.png
LUSoils v.1 Land Cover Modeled Linking global land use and land cover to hydrologic soil groups from 850 to 2015. LU on Soil.jpeg
NLCD 1992 Land Cover Modeled National Land Cover Dataset 1992 NLCD1992.jpg
NLCD 2001 Land Cover Modeled National Land Cover Database of 2001 NLCD2001.png