SoilGrids Data Component

1.0 hrs
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    Tian Gan at INSTAAR - University of Colorado Boulder.

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soilgrids package provides a set of functions that allow downloading of the global gridded soil information from SoilGrids, a system for global digital soil mapping to map the spatial distribution of soil properties across the globe.

soilgrids package includes a Basic Model Interface (BMI), which converts the SoilGrids dataset into a reusable, plug-and-play data component for Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) modeling framework.

Classroom organization
In this lab, you will learn how to use the soilgrids package to download the soil property datasets for data visualization. You will explore the SoilGrids map services and write your own code to download multiple soil datasets.

Learning objectives
  • Learn to use two methods to download the soil property datasets with a given bounding box.
  • Learn to get the SoilGrids map service detailed information.
  • Learn to download soil datasets for variables such as silt content, clay content, sand content, etc.
Key concepts
  • CSDMS data component

Lab notes
Instead of downloading the lab Notebook and running it locally, you can run it on Binder. To start the binder, click the link under the "Run online" item in the grey table at the top of this lab. It may take several minutes to launch the Binder.

If run locally, this lab requires the installation of soilgrids package. Please see details at

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