Joint workshop Marine WG Carbonate FRG


Joint workshop for CSDMS Marine Working Group and Carbonate Focus Research Group, Boulder, CO, Oct 19-20, 2009

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Date: October 19-20, 2009
Location: Millennium Hotel at Boulder (CO), USA


The groups are organized to meet together and separately to brainstorm, refine and achieve their goals for the upcoming year(s).


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Circulars and Program

The joint Marine Working Group and Carbonate Focus Research Group will meet for 2 days.


Format: The format will consist of a mix of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, breakout discussion groups, and writing sessions. Most time will be devoted to breakout-group and whole-group discussions.

Agenda: Agenda Marine Carbonate.pdf


Bever, Aaron Modeling Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport in Poverty Bay, New Zealand; A Basic ROMS overview
Burgess, Peter Overview Carbonate Focus Research Group
Friedrichs, Carl Modeling of Clinoforms Created By Wave/Current Supported Gravity Flows
Hutton, Eric Linking Models: new componentized versions of CSDMS models
Jenkins, Chris Population Models for Carbonate Workbench
Kettner, Albert Contributing source code to the CSDMS repository
Meiburg, Eckart High Resolution Simulations of Sediment Transport by Turbidity Currents
Syvitski, James Overview meeting
Wiberg, Pat Overview Marine WorkingGroup

Presented by Title Download
Peter Burgess Breakout Session results Carbonate FRG ppt | pdf
Pat Wiberg Breakout Session results Marine WG ppt | pdf
Summary Summary of the meeting ppt | pdf