Tenure-track faculty positions
University of Maryland, Maryland, United States
Start reviewing process: 4 March 2024

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Horn Point Lab (Cambridge, MD) is searching for new faculty members in estuarine and marine science! We anticipate hiring 1-3 new faculty at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. I have copied the first paragraph of the position description below. Please head here ( for more details and to apply!

The Horn Point Laboratory (HPL) of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) invites applications from individuals who demonstrate excellence in innovative research, broadening participation, and translational science to solve environmental problems. Candidates in any research specialty that complements and enhances our core competencies and mission in areas of estuarine or marine biogeochemistry, plankton ecology, numerical modeling, restoration ecology (e.g. oysters, SAVs, living shorelines), and oceanography are encouraged to apply. Specific areas of interest that we have identified include planktonic microeukaryote ecology (phytoplankton, HABs, protist ecology, mixotrophy, microbial food webs) and benthic productivity (submerged aquatic vegetation). We are also open to emerging topic areas and specialization that may complement our faculty in new ways. We anticipate between one and three tenure track faculty positions at Horn Point Laboratory at the ranks of Assistant or Associate Professor.

Cindy Palinkas

Of interest for:
  • Marine Working Group
  • Coastal Working Group