Research fellowship opportunity at the HYCLIC research group (University of Palermo, Italy)
University of Palermo, , Italy
Start reviewing process: 8 December 2023

I am glad to share with you an upcoming research fellowship opportunity at the HYCLIC research group (, Department of Engineering, University of Palermo.

The duration of the research fellowship is 12 months.

The selection procedures may include PhD graduates or Master’s degree graduates with an appropriate professional scientific curriculum. Good skills in handling large spatial datasets, scientific programming (Matlab, R, or Python), scientific communication, and writing are welcome.

The successful candidate will work within Project INTENSE (raINfall exTremEs and their impacts: from the local to the National ScalE) to develop a correction algorithm for radar measurements in an urban environment and to derive high-resolution precipitation time series for the separation of convective and stratiform events

SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCH PROJECT. The objective of the research is to apply and improve a wide set of calibration and correction procedures already developed by the HYCLIC research group (Lo Conti et al., 2015) to adjust the parameter of the radar rainfall-reflectivity equation (Z-R) over a sliding time window for the urban area of Palermo. Data from a high-resolution X-band radar (i.e., 5 min temporal resolution and 90 m spatial resolution) installed on the top of a hill around Palermo will be corrected with ground-based data from 8 rain gauges and an optical disdrometer, which cover an area of 250 sq. km of the urban area of Palermo, to produce high-resolution hourly precipitation and validate two different algorithms developed to separate stratiform from convective rainfall by the HYCLIC research group (Sottile et al., 2021). Finally, the characterization of hourly and sub-hourly rainfall extremes will make it possible to reconstruct flood events in the urban area of Palermo and/or improve the assessment of flood risk in urban areas.


  • Lo Conti F., Francipane A., Pumo D., Noto L.V., 2015, “Exploring single polarization X-band weather radar potentialities for local meteorological and hydrological applications”. J. Hydrol. (2015), doi:
  • Sottile G., Francipane A., Adelfio G., Noto L.V., 2021. “A PCA-based clustering algorithm for the identification of stratiform and convective precipitation at the event scale: an application to the sub-hourly precipitation of Sicily, Italy”. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment,

THE OFFICIAL CALL WILL BE OUT SOON! Feel free to distribute this message and contact me for any additional information.

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Antonio Francipane

Antonio Francipane (
Department of Engineering, University of Palermo

Viale delle Scienze, Ed. 8, 90128, Palermo, Italy

Of interest for:
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group