HRC has positions open for a Hydrometeorologist and Hydraulic Engineer
Hydrologic Research Center, California, United States
Start reviewing process: 1 November 2023

The Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) has positions open for a Hydrometeorologist and a Hydraulic Engineer. Please see below for position descriptions and general information about HRC. More details and application instructions can be found here:

Job description for the Hydrometeorologist position:
HRC has an opening for a research scientist specializing in hydrometeorology to join our interdisciplinary team. We are seeking a detail-oriented, innovative individual who is motivated to apply their knowledge to solving complex problems in hydrometeorology and water resources. The successful candidate will participate in various programs ranging from scientific research to real-world applications addressing climate, water resources, hydrology, flooding, and flash flooding issues worldwide. Ongoing work at HRC involves real-time implementation and validation of numerical weather prediction models for flood and flash flood warning applications, assessments of impacts of climatic variability and change on flash flood regimes and water resources over large river basins, development of strategies for flood mitigation and water resource management, and associated training of field personnel of national meteorological and hydrological agencies, disaster management agencies, and water resource management agencies across the world. The ability to work productively within a multidisciplinary team is a key requirement.

Job description for the Hydraulic Engineer position:
HRC is in search of a research engineer that specializes in computational hydraulics and its applications. As part of the HRC physical modeling team, you will be working with other researchers and computer engineers in the development and implementation of tailored numerical modeling solutions for a variety of channel flow applications in local and international projects. The typical work associated with the position includes numerical modeling and predictions in open channel hydraulics and sediment transport, scalable flash flood modeling, integrated hydraulics structure modeling, watershed management and flood mitigation strategy, quantitative and statistical analysis of model results, and user training of the numerical codes and background theories. The prospective candidate is expected to have a solid research background in hydraulics, hydrology or other related fields. Strong quantitative and scientific computing skills are essential for the position.

More about HRC:

Founded in 1993, Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) is a public non-profit research, technology transfer, and training organization, dedicated to the development of effective and sustainable solutions to global water issues. HRC’s mission is to advance the science and engineering of hydrology and allied water sciences through research and development work, and to provide operations, technology transfer and training services that infuse science, engineering and decision theory into water resources management and hazard risk decision-making. At present HRC operational systems support hydrometeorological forecasters in more than 70 countries, serving about 3 billion people worldwide. Please visit the HRC website for more details:

Of interest for:
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group