Recruiting students and postdocs
University of California, Berkeley, California, United States
Start reviewing process: 12 September 2023

My name is Madison Douglas, and I will be starting as an assistant professor in Earth and Planetary Science (EPS) at UC Berkeley in summer 2024. I am currently recruiting graduate students and postdocs to join the Berkeley Earth surface dynamics lab. Right now, I am working to revitalize the flume lab at the Richmond Field Station and develop projects that will include theory and numerical modeling of landscape evolution, fieldwork in environments from California to the Arctic, and collaborations with geochemists and geobiologists. I am looking to recruit a lab group with diverse identities and life experiences to tackle interdisciplinary scientific problems involving Earth and planetary surface processes.

More information on the Berkeley EPS department, application processes, and my research projects can be found at the links below. If you or any of your students and colleagues are interested in joining me at Berkeley, please email a copy of your resume/cv and a description of your research interests to

Sincerely, Madison

EPS commitment and resources for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility:

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Information on the Miller Fellowship, one option for postdoctoral funding at Berkeley:

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Madison M. Douglas (she/her)
Assistant Professor
Earth & Planetary Science
University of California, Berkeley

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  • Terrestrial Working Group