Two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at US EPA in Cincinnati
EPA Office of Research and Development, Ohio, United States
Apply before: 13 October 2023

We have *two* postdoc fellowships open at the EPA Office of Research and Development, through Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education (ORISE). Both postdocs (see links below for more information) will be focused on watershed nutrient modeling. There is also the opportunity for a part-time fellowship as a student nears graduation.

The postdocs will be located in Cincinnati, Ohio – a thriving hidden gem of a city! The fellowship stipend is attractive as well.

Applications close October 13th, 2023. We are flexible on start dates. For now, we can only accept US citizens as applicants, as per rules of our ORISE contract.

Feel free to reach out to me ( and/or the other PIs/Mentors, Dr. Jay Christensen ( and Dr. Charles (Chuck) Lane (, with any questions.

Postdoc 1: Wetland Nutrient Mitigation Modeling Across Multiple Watershed Scales

Reference Code: EPA-ORD-CEMM-WECD-2023-03

The fellowship details can be found here: Postdoc 2: Legacy Nutrient Modeling Across Large River Basins

Reference Code: EPA-ORD-CEMM-WECD-2023-04

The fellowship details can be found here: Also, on-the-job learning is expected – meaning there are no “perfect” qualifications: if a PhD candidate has some coding and watershed science experience + a thirst for learning something new, they should definitely apply.

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Of interest for:
  • Terrestrial Working Group
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group