Postdoc on numerical simulation of turbidites with FLUMY
Centre de Géosciences – Equipe Géologie, , France
Start reviewing process: 17 January 2023

The FLUMY program has a 18 month postdoc position available. A summary may be found below. For more detail, please contact Fabien Ors and myself.

Post-doc position on the modelling of turbidites (FLUMY software)

The FLUMY academic-industrial consortium is looking for a Postdoctoral researcher for an 18-month period to work on the modeling of reservoir in turbiditic environments. The project will focus on the impact(s) of external forcings on the resulting sedimentary architectures. The postdoctoral position will be held at Fontainebleau within the geology team (and in collaboration with the geostatistic team).

FLUMY is a process-based model for meandering channels in both fluvial and turbidites environments. FLUMY combines first-order hydraulic equations to track the evolution of meandering channels and realistically builds associated sediment accumulations. FLUMY generates 3D reservoir models following user-defined multi-sequences scenario, which can be conditioned to existing subsurface datasets (well or seismic data). Recent developments include (i) new conditioning techniques, (ii) the transposition from fluvial to turbidite environment and (iii) a more detailed description of abandoned channels fill architecture.

Profile/skills of the candidate
PhD in earth science, civil engineering, or computer science. The ideal candidate has experience in sedimentology / geomorphology and numerical / physical modelling. There are possibilities to adjust the postdoc towards more field data (in Spain) or programming-oriented aspects of the project depending on the candidate. Experience in Python/C++ programming will be highly appreciated.

Start date is the 1rst of March 2023, or later. Preferably no later than June 1, but there is flexibility.
Salary: 2200 € / Month

Jean-Louis GRIMAUD

Centre de Géosciences – Equipe Géologie
35 rue Saint-Honoré

77305 Fontainebleau Cedex

Of interest for:
  • Marine Working Group
  • Terrestrial Working Group
  • Coastal Working Group