Ph.D. position in urban ecohydrology and equity
University of Virginia, Virginia, United States
Start reviewing process: 7 December 2022

I will be recruiting a PhD student to start in the fall semester, 2023, for research on the Baltimore Social Environmental Collaboration (BSEC), one of four new Department of Energy funded urban Integrated Field Laboratories ( The BSEC project focuses on the development of fundamental new urban climate science needed to inform community-guided “potential equitable pathways” for climate action. The Ph.D. position will concentrate on the integration of hydrological, ecosystem and biogeochemical processes in urban watersheds, with attention to hydrologic extremes such as floods and droughts, and the source, transformation and transport of nutrients through urban terrestrial and aquatic systems. Candidates should have a background and experience in hydrological and ecosystem modeling and spatial analysis, strong coding and communication skills, and the ability to work with large, diverse academic and community groups.

Larry Band

Ernest Ern Professor of Environmental Science
Professor of Engineering Systems and Environment
University of Virginia

Of interest for:
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group
  • Ecosystem Dynamics Focus Research Group