Open Post-doc position "Artificial intelligence for water resource management" (Nantes)
Gustave Eiffel university and the aQuasys French SME, , France
Start reviewing process: 15 June 2022

Post-doc position "Artificial intelligence for water resource management

The post-doctoral fellow will develop generic forecasting models for the management of water resources, based on data mining and machine learning methods. A particular attention will be devoted to the evaluation of the potential of federated learning methods and to the estimation of the forecasting uncertainties, which are an important information for decision processes. The proposed generic methods are intended to be included in the water monitoring and management platforms proposed by the aQuasys company. The various tasks of the post-doctoral fellow will comprise :

  1. Determining the target hydrological variables for an efficient water resource management by end-users,
  2. Extracting the working datasets from the aQuasys database,
  3. Data analysis and processing and proposal of approaches for an automatic implementation of the selected methods: data mining, neural network training, including federated learning and simulation uncertainty assessment.
  4. Preparing the implementation of the proposed methods in the aQuasys operational platform in connection with the aQuasys development team.
  5. Selecting, documenting use-cases and organizing demonstration exercises with end users (i.e. water resource management services selected among the customers of aQuasys),
  6. Writing reports and scientific papers and presenting the advancement of the work to the research laboratory and aQuasys company teams.

To apply: send a CV, a motivation letter and list of publications to:

  • Eric Gaume, Université Gustave Eiffel:
  • Michaël Savary, aQuasys:
  • Dominique Theriez, aQuasys:


Directeur du département de géosciences (GERS) / Head of the geosciences department
Directeur adjoint de campus / campus Deputy head
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Of interest for:
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Initiative