Postdoctoral scholar position: hybrid modeling of compound coastal flooding and erosion risk
Oregon State University, Oregon, United States
Start reviewing process: 30 September 2021

Hi all,

My research group at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University is looking for a postdoctoral scholar to participate in a coastal modeling research project focused on developing stochastic assessments of compound coastal flooding and erosion risk under past, present and future climates. The candidate will assist, in a collaborative interdisciplinary effort, with the following activities:

  1. Develop, calibrate, and implement physics-based coastal models such Delft-3D, SWAN, X-Beach, etc.
  2. Process results from physics-based coastal models to design machine learning based surrogate models.
  3. Design sampling strategies for the hybrid statistical-dynamical modeling framework to evaluate large ensembles of synthetically generated weather, wave, and total water level scenarios along select areas of the US West Coast.
  4. Evaluate the sensitivity of performance metrics related to flooding, erosion, hydroperiod, salinity, water quality, etc., at select areas of the US West Coast.

Educational Background required:
PhD (at the time of appointment) in Coastal Engineering, Oceanography, Coastal Geology, or related field.

It is expected that this research will lead to one or more published peer reviewed journal articles that will be co-authored by the candidate and collaborators as well as other products. Useful skills that a candidate can bring to this opportunity include experience working with physics-based coastal models; experience with statistical analyses of large datasets; familiarity with stochastic generators; familiarity with data mining and machine learning techniques; experience programming in the Python computer language; strong technical writing skills.

This post-doctoral position will be for 12-months with the option to extend the qualified candidate for an additional 12-months (2-years total). Ideally the position will begin in Fall 2021.

Interested parties should email me at with their relevant research interests, background, and suitability for the project.

Please distribute to any who might be interested.

Thanks very much,

Peter Ruggiero

Of interest for:
  • Coastal Working Group