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{{{14}}} 304. Quantitative Modeling of Earth Surface Processes. In: 2008 (eds.)Pelletier, J.D... {{{9}}}.
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304Model overview 66
{{{14}}} Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. The effects of interdune vegetation changes on eolian dune field evolution: a numerical-modeling case study at Jockey's Ridge, North Carolina, USA. 34, http://doi.wiley.com/10.1002/esp.1809, 10.1002/esp.1809. Jon D.; Mitasova, Helena; Harmon, Russell S.; Overton, Margery; Pelletier, Jon D.; Mitasova, Helena; Harmon, Russell S.; Overton, Margery;
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Earth Surface Processes and LandformsModel overview 40
{{{14}}} Geology. Eolian dunes: Computer simulations and attractor interpretation.. 23, 10.1130/0091-7613(1995)023<1107:EDCSAA>2.3.CO;2, Werner, B.T.;. {{{11}}}
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GeologyRelated theory 301
{{{14}}} https://csdms.colorado.edu/pub/models/doi-source-code/eolian_dune_model-10.1594.IEDA.100115-0.1.tar.gz. Eolian Dune Model, version 0.1.. 2008, Pelletier, J.D.;, {{{10}}}. {{{11}}}
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https://csdms.colorado.edu/pub/models/doi-source-code/eolian_dune_model-10.1594.IEDA.100115-0.1.tar.gzSource code ref. --
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