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World Ocean Atlas 2001 dataset information page

Short Description

World Ocean Atlas 2001.png
Annual mean sea surface nitrate as an
example from the WOA01

Statement: World Ocean Atlas 2001 (WOA01)

Abstract: The World Ocean Atlas 2001 (WOA01) contains ASCII data of statistics and objectively analyzed fields for one-degree and five-degree squares generated from World Ocean Database 2001 observed and standard level flagged data.

The ocean variables included in the atlas are: in-situ temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, apparent oxygen utilization, percent oxygen saturation, dissolved inorganic nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, and silicate), chlorophyll at standard depth levels, and plankton biomass sampled from 0 - 200 meters.

Data format

Data type: Oceanography
Data origin: Measured
Data format: ASCII
Other format:
Data resolution: 1 degree and 5 degree

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Global
Temporal data coverage: Time snap shot
Time period covered: 2001


Download data:
Data source: woa01.html