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Soil map example of Georgia

Statement: The U.S. General Soil Map

Abstract: The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - National Cartography and Geospatial Center (NCGC) previously archived and distributed the State Soil Geographic (STATSGO) Database. The STATSGO spatial and tabular data were revised and updated in 2006. STATSGO has been renamed to the U.S. General Soil Map (STATSGO2). It is available for download from the Soil Data Mart (

The dataset was created by generalizing more detailed soil survey maps. Where more detailed soil survey maps were not available, data on geology, topography, vegetation, and climate were assembled, together with Land Remote Sensing Satellite (LANDSAT) images. Soils of like areas were studied, and the probable classification and extent of the soils were determined.

Map unit composition was determined by transecting or sampling areas on the more detailed maps and expanding the data statistically to characterize the whole map unit.

This dataset consists of geo-referenced vector and tabular digital data. The map data were collected in 1- by 2-degree topographic quadrangle units and merged into a seamless national dataset. It is distributed in state/territory and national extents. The soil map units are linked to attributes in the tabular data, which give the proportionate extent of the component soils and their properties.

The tabular data contain estimated data on the physical and chemical soil properties, soil interpretations, and static and dynamic metadata. Most tabular data exist in the database as a range of soil properties, depicting the range for the geographic extent of the map unit. In addition to low and high values for most data, a representative value is also included for these soil properties.

Data format

Data type: Surface properties
Data origin: Measured
Data format: Shapefile, ASCII
Other format: Microsoft Access database
Data resolution: 1 by 2 degree
Datum: decimal degrees, North American Datum of 1983

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Temporal data coverage: Time snap shot
Time period covered:


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