MERIT DEM dataset information page

Short Description

Mek Amz.png
Close-up view of the MERIT DEM and the Original
SRTM DEM, for the Mekong Delta and the Amazon
Floodplain. Improvement by removing stripe noise,
speckle noise, absolute bias, and tree
height bias can be recognized.

Statement: The MERIT DEM was developed by removing multiple error components from existing spaceborne DEMs (SRTM3 and AW3D)

Abstract: The MERIT DEM was developed by removing multiple error components (absolute bias, stripe noise, speckle noise, and tree height bias) from the existing spaceborne DEMs (SRTM3 and AW3D). It represents the terrain elevations at a 3sec resolution (~90m at the equator), and covers land areas between 90N-60S. The data is freely available for research and education purpose.

Data format

Data type: Topography
Data origin: Measured
Data format: GeoTIFF, BIL
Other format:
Data resolution: 3arc sec
Datum: wgs84

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: global
Temporal data coverage: Time snap shot
Time period covered: ~2000s


Download data: DEM/
Data source: DEM/


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