ICE-5G dataset information page

Short Description

Present-day rate of RSL variation
predicted by model ICE-5G VM2e L100

Statement: Global Grids of Ice Sheet Thickness and Paleotopography for 21,000 - present day

Abstract: The ICE-5G (VM2) model mathematically analyses glacio-isostatic adjustment processes and provides model data on global ice sheet coverage, ice thickness and paleotopography at 10 min spatial resolution for 21ka and 0ka, and at 1degree spatial resolution for intervals in between these snapshots. These are NETCDF files.

Data format

Data type: Cryosphere
Data origin: Modeled
Data format: NetCDF
Other format:
Data resolution: 10min resolution to 1 deg. resolution

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Global
Temporal data coverage: Time series
Time period covered: 21KBP - Present model simulation


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  • W.R. Peltier, 2004. Global Glacial Isostasy and the Surface of the Ice-Age Earth: The ICE-5G (VM2) Model and GRACE, Ann. Rev. Earth and Planet. Sci., 32, 111-149.