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Global Topography dataset information page

Short Description

Global topography.png
Bathymetry and topography of the world

Statement: Global estimated bathymetric and integrated bathy-topo relief models; 1 minute (~2 km) and 30 arc-second (~1 km) cell sizes

Abstract: Global ocean bathymetry estimated from sea-surface satellite altimetry (Geosat and ERS-1) measurements and constrained by ship depth measurements.

Data format

Data type: Topography
Data origin: Modeled
Data format: GeoTIFF, ASCII
Other format: GMT/Postscript
Data resolution: 1 arc-minute (~2 km) and 30 arc-second (~1 km) cell sizes (horizontal)
Datum: WGS 84 geographic (horizontal); sea level (vertical)

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Global (72N to 72S)
Temporal data coverage: Time averaged
Time period covered:


Download data: html/mar topo.html
Data source: html/mar topo.html


  • Smith, W. H. F., and D. T. Sandwell, Global seafloor topography from satellite altimetry and ship depth soundings, Science, v. 277, p. 1957-1962, 26 Sept., 1997.