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Global Multibeam Bathymetry dataset information page

Short Description

Perspective image of multibeam bathymetry

Statement: NGDC's global database of multibeam swath sonar bathymetric surveys

Abstract: NGDC is the US national archive for multibeam bathymetric data and presently holds over 15.7 million nautical miles of ship tracklines (1187 surveys) received from sources worldwide.

In addition to deepwater data, the multibeam database also includes hydrographic multibeam survey data from the NOS. Associated NOS data products, including 3D images and grids, are available via the NOS Hydrographic Survey Data Map Service.

Data format

Data type: Topography
Data origin: Measured
Data format: Binary
Other format: Variety of multibeam system binary formats
Data resolution: Varies with water depth
Datum: WGS 84 geographic (horizontal); instantaneous sea level (vertical)

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Global bathymetry
Temporal data coverage: Time snap shot
Time period covered: By survey date


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