Coastal WG Discussion


Coastal Work Group Discussion

This is an exciting time for the Coastal WG! With renewed support from NSF we are launching new initiatives that our WG will play a key role in:

  1. ecosystems and strong couplings with physical process in landscapes and seascapes;
  2. couplings with anthropogenic processes; and
  3. coastal vulnerability.

In addition, our WG is charged with writing a new 5-year Science Plan, and with identifying (at least) one model to add to the repository of couple-able models each year. These two tasks overlap with each other, of course. Building on our success stories from the past five years, and ongoing priorities (Coastal_Reports), we will need to put our heads together to decide what scientific questions are most compelling and urgent, and what model development/model coupling tasks are needed to address them--as well as what research groups or individuals are motivated to put in the coding work to make it happen (which likely involves writing a proposal, perhaps involving CSDMS Integration Facility collaborators to lend expert help). The motivation to actively join in these efforts, along with helping facilitate exciting science, includes the fact that the priorities the WG identifies will feature prominently in the 5-year plan, written primarily for NSF Program Officers.

We will focus on these tasks during multiple Working Group breakout sessions in a few weeks, but since not everyone can travel to Boulder, we start our discussions online.

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