Coastal WG 2009


CSDMS Coastal Working Group meeting, February 25-26, 2009

Photo by Flickr user The Eternity used under a Creative Commons license
Date: February 25-26, 2009
Location: Charlottesville, VA, USA
Host: University of Virginia


The Coastal and Marine Working Groups will coordinate their meetings with each other carving out joint and separate sessions. The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM on both February 25 and 26th. It will end around 4:00 PM on February 26.

Patricia Wiberg, Chair of the Marine WG, and Brad Murray, Chair of the Coastal WG, are looking for broad representation and input to brainstorm proof-of-concept modeling projects to highlight, and discuss which models the Working Groups should prioritize as they move towards expanding the CSDMS model repository. The meeting will also feature presentations from the CSDMS Executive Director, James Syvitski, and CSDMS Software Engineer, Eric Hutton, from the CSDMS Integration Facility in Boulder, Colorado. They will present recent CSDMS organizational and model-linking-architecture development, and how to use CSDMS tools. In addition, there will be workshop-style time on February 26th, for members to work on getting their own codes into the form appropriate for inclusion in the CSDMS toolbox, or to help make progress getting priority models form the community included. Please follow the link below for a more detailed agenda.


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Circulars and Program

This is a joint meeting with the Marine Working Group. Please follow this link (pdf) to view the combined agenda.


Hutton, Eric Creating Shareable Models
Hutton, Eric Overview and Demonstration of Linking Models with the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System

Final Meeting report

Coastal Working Group final Meet report representing a summary of the main discussions that came up during the Meeting held in February 25 - 26 at Charlottesville, VA.