Chapman Source to Sink


AGU Chapman Conference on Source to Sink Systems Around the World and Through Time

Recent Advances in Understanding Production, Transfer, and Burial of Terrestrial and Marine Materials on the Earth Surface

Oxnard, California, USA
24–27 January 2011


Charles A. Nittrouer
School of Oceanography, Univeristy of Washington

Steven A. Kuehl
Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, College of William & Mary

Conference Objectives and General Description

The general goal of this conference is to articulate the ideas that are the foundation for a holistic understanding of sediment dispersal from land origins to marine accumulation, and to explore the theoretical and observational studies that support them.

This Chapman Conference will substantially expand the results of individual source-to-sink research projects by contrasting diverse dispersal systems. An attempt will be made to resolve fundamental differences in the operation of processes that transfer mass across the Earth surface. This effort will develop a global perspective with studies from around the world, and will facilitate the synthesis and integration of S2S research as part of an inclusive international conference, a digital text, and classroom materials.

One example of such material is the Google-Earth based database that documents paper on major river systems. Feel free to simply list your papers here

Financial Support

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Meeting at a glance
Final program and abstracts

Oral Presentations

Aller, Robert Source to sink serial reactors and the critical importance of energetic topsets in biogeochemical cycling
Anderson, John Different Stratigraphic Architectures Offshore Texas Reflect Spatial and Temporal Variability in Sediment Supply and Dispersal
Blair, Neal The Role of Watershed Storage on Exported Riverine Organic Carbon Signatures
Clift, Peter Controls on the Flux of Sediment to the Arabian Sea from the Western Himalaya since the Last Glacial Maximum
Cowan, Ellen Fjord Sedimentation from Tidewater Glaciers
Dietrich, William Sediment Supply to Rivers: Rates, Controls and Predictability
Droxler, Andre Plio-Pleistocene Evolution of Barrier Reefs along Mixed Continental Shelf Edges
Gomez, Basil Flood Production
Harris, Courtney Sediment Dispersal Offshore Of Small Mountainous Rivers: Insights from Numerical Models
Hovius, Niels Sediment Production, Mobilization, Storage and Remobilization in Uplands
Howard, Alan Thinking Source-to-Sink on Mars and Titan
Jaeger, John Cross-Margin Signal Transfer in a Glacial Source-To-Sink Sedimentary System, Southern Alaska
Kineke, Gail The Role of High Concentration Suspensions in Dispersal of River Sediment
Koppes, Michele On The Rate Of Production And Transfer Of Sediment From Glaciated Terrains
Kurtz, Andrew Upland Weathering Processes in the Fly River System
Leverich, Glen Geomorphic Landscape Units: An effective approach to quantify relative sediment-production rates across large areas, as applied to the Santa Clara River watershed in southern California
Martinsen, Ole Perspectives on source to sink: methods, tools and development for subsurface interpretation and energy exploration and exploitation
McKee, Brent Variable Geochemical Supply to the Ocean
Milliman, John Episodic Events and Resulting Sediment Discharge from Small Mountainous Rivers
Mohrig, David Connecting the Flow and Sediment-Transport in Coastal Rivers to Short- and Long-Term Patterns of Delta Sedimentation
Orpin, Alan The continental slope as a pathway and sink for terrigenous sediment: Source-to-Sink studies of contrasting systems since the last glacial
Paola, Chris Experimental studies of linked depositional systems
Parker, Gary Turbidity Currents and Submarine Debris Flows: Mechanisms for the Dispersal of Sediment from the Nearshore Zone to Deep Water
Plink-Bjorklund, Piret Stratigraphic Record of Terrestrial Floods: Impact of Monsoon Pattern Changes
Powell, Ross Interaction of Eustasy, Ice Sheet Dynamics and Glacial Regime Controlling Sediment Yields, Glacial Sequences and High Latitude Continental Margin Architecture
Puig, Pere Shelf-to-canyon sediment supply mechanisms in the Gulf of Lions and Eel margins
Roering, Joshua Hillslope form, function, and sediment contribution
Romans, Brian Source-to-sink in the stratigraphic record: capturing the long-term, deep-time evolution of sedimentary systems
Slingerland, Rudy Modification of Sediment Fluxes by the Transfer Fluvial System
Syvitski, James Source to Sink Numerical Modeling of Whole Dispersal Systems
Sømme, Tor Use of source-to-sink concepts to provide insight to the stratigraphic record
Warrick, Jonathan A Summary of the Source-to-Sink Sediment System of the Semiarid Santa Barbara Channel, California
Wheatcroft, Robert Timing is Everything: The Role of River-Ocean Coincidence in Ocean Sediment Dispersal and Accumulation
Wiberg, Patricia Mechanisms for Entrapment of Sediment Reaching the Coastal Ocean

Poster presentations

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Author(s) Title Download (pdf)
Shouye Yang The sediment source-to-sink patterns in large drainage basins and marginal seas: the Changjiang (Yangtze River) example Yang-chapman-poster-2011.png
Steven L. Goodbred Jr., Rachel Beavins Tracy, Michael T. Ramirez, Tom D. Dillehay, and Mario Pino Source-to-margin behavior of an arid, El Niño-influenced mountain drainage and coastal plain: The Chicama River, northern Peru Goodbred-chapman-poster-2011.png
Zuosheng YANG, Naishuang BI, Youjun JI, Houjie WANG, and Yoshiki Saito. Sediment transport and deposition off the Huanghe (Yellow River) Delta and in the adjacent Bohai Sea and seasonal comparison Yang-Zuosheng-chapman-poster-2011.png
Rick Yang, James T. Liu The temporal variability of particle composition in the river plume of a small mountainous river Yang-Rick-chapman-poster-2011.png
Alexander R. Simms, Taylor Troiani, Tim Dellapenna, Erin Piper, and Yusuke Yokoyama The importance of winds in controlling deposition and reconstructing climate within the estuaries of the Gulf Coast, USA Simms-chapman-poster-2011.png
Penny M. Youngs, and Steven L. Goodbred Geochemical fingerprints unravel complex source-to-sink behavior under a variety of forcing conditions: Unparalleled insights from the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta Youngs-chapman-poster-2011.png
Irina Overeem, Benjamin Hudson, Maureen Berlin, Daniel McGrath, James Syvitski, and Sebastian Mernild Fjord Sediment Plumes as Indicators of West Greenland Meltwater Flux Overeem-chapman-poster-2011.png
Phaedra Upton, Nicola Litchfield, Alan Orpin, Albert Kettner, Murray Hicks, Marcus Vandergoes Modelling Source-to-Sink systems in New Zealand: The Waipaoa and Waitaki catchments. Upton-chapman-poster-2011.png
Gordon D.M. Cameron, and Edward (Ned) L. King Possible flood events in large shelf crossing troughs on the Southeast Canadian Margin Cameron-chapman-poster-2011.png
Daniel Livsey, and Alexander Simms Depositional facies of estuarine upper-bay deposits in arid climates; Baffin Bay, Texas Livsey-chapman-poster-2011.png
Eric Bilderback, Jarg Pettinga, Nicola Litchfield, Mark Quigley, Michael Marden, Josh Roering, Alan Palmer and Mike Page Timing and Magnitude of Latest Pleistocene and Holocene deep-seated Landslides in the Waipaoa Sedimentary System, New Zealand Bilderback-chapman-poster-2011.png
Curt Storlazzi, Joshua Logan, Christopher Conaway, Henry Chezar, and David Rubin Spatial and Temporal Variability in Coastal Grain Size due to River Floods and Storm Waves Storlazzi-chapman-poster-2011.png
Edward (Ned) L. King Canyon-head evolution and the influence of glacial regime along the southeast Canadian margin King-chapman-poster-2011.png
N. Litchfield, K. Berryman, W. Smith, and K. Clark Tectonic controls on Source to Sink Systems and the interplay with sea level change: Examples from northeastern New Zealand Litchfield-chapman-poster-2011.png
Vamsi Ganti, Kyle M. Straub, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, and Chris Paola Space-Time Dynamics of Delta Evolution and Implications for Stratigraphy Ganti-chapman-poster-2011.png
Robert W.R. Weight, John B. Anderson, and Rodrigo Fernandez Holocene mud accumulation on the central Texas shelf linked to climate change and sea-level rise Weight-chapman-poster-2011.png
Maarten Lupker, Christian France-Lanord, and Valler Galy. Glacial-interglacial weathering in the Himalayan system: a source to sink approach Lupker-chapman-poster-2011.pngLupker-chapman-poster-2011-2.png
Daniel J. Nowacki, and Andrea S. Ogston Multiple scales of controls on sediment transport in intertidal flats: tidal stage, storms, and seasons Nowacki-chapman-poster-2011.png
T.A. Kniskern, K.L. Fransworth, and J.A. Warrick River discharge along the US West Coast margin: identifying river basins that flood concurrently Kniskern-chapman-poster-2011.png
Kimberly G. Rogers, and Steven L. Goodbred Jr. Gateway to the deep sea: highstand interactions between canyon and clinoform Rogers-chapman-poster-2011.png
Sheet, B.A., Fricke, A.T., Allison, M.A., and Nittrouer, C.A. Linking terrestrial and submarine sedimentary processes: a preliminary bathymetric and sub-bottom survey of the Stehekin Delta, Lake Chelan, WA Sheet-chapman-poster-2011.png
Katie Boldt, Charles Nittrouer, Bernard hallet, Michele Koppes, Carlos Moffat, Adam barker, Andres Rivera, and John Anderson The impact of marine melting and sedimentation on glacier advance and retreat: Southern Patagonia Icefield, Chile Boldt-chapman-poster-2011.png
Bastiaan Notebaert, and Gert Verstraeten Late-Holocene hillslope and fluvial sediment dynamics: a field and modeling approach Notebaert-chapman-poster-2011.png
Hans Middelkoop, Gilles Erkens, and Marcel van der Perk The Rhine Delta – A record of fluvial sediment trapping over various time scales Middelkoop-chapman-poster-2011.png
Paul Liu, John Milliman, Zuosheng Yang, Anchun Li, Shu Gao, Char-shine Liu, Nguyen van Lap, and Tran Duc Thanh Fates of Major Asian River‐Derived Sediments to the Ocean Paul-Liu-chapman-poster-2011.png
James T. Liu and The FATES Team From the Highest to the Deepest: A River-Sea Dispersal System on the NE Edge of the South China Sea James-Liu-chapman-poster-2011.png
Lonnie Leithold, Neal Blair, Laurel Childress, and Mike Marden Using continental margin organic geochemical stratigraphy to reconstruct watershed history – Lessons from the Waipaoa Sedimentary System, New Zealand Leithold-chapman-poster-2011.png
Sean P.S. Gulick, John M. Jarger, Robert S. Reece, Lindsay L. Worthington, Aaron L. Berger, James M. Spotila, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Terry L. Pavlis, and Gail L. Christeson Varying Neogene Impact of Glacial Sediment Flux from Source to Sink on Tectonics and Stratigraphy in the Gulf of Alaska Gulick-chapman-poster-2011.png
Jung-Hyun Kim, Claudia Zeli, Patricia Moreira-Turcq, Marcela Andrea Pérez, David Hollander, Dorthe Klitgaard Kristensen, Roselyne Buscail, and Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté Tracing soil organic matter from source to sink Kim-chapman-poster-2011.png
Tian-Jian Hsu, C. Emre Ozdemir, Patrick J. Snyder, Xiao Yu, Jia-Lin Chen, and Fengyan Shi The Trapping and Delivering of Fine Sediment in the Coastal Environment Hsu-chapman-poster-2011.png
Timothy Eglinton, Valier Galy, Nick Drenzek, Angie Dickens, Enno Schefuss, Daniel Montlucon, Ying Wu, and Xiaojuan Feng Developing a global perspective on the dynamics of fluvial transfer of terrestrial biospheric carbon to the ocean Eglinton-chapman-poster-2011.png
Som Dutta, Mariano Ignacio Cantero, Gary Parker, Carlos Pantano-Rubino, and Marcelo H. Garcia Turbulence Modulation due to Stratification in Turbidity Currents : Numerical Modeling and Implications for Turbidites Dutta-chapman-poster-2011.png
Jingping Xu Modes of Suspended Sediment Transport in Hueneme Submarine Canyon, Southern California Xu-chapman-poster-2011.png
Remo Cossu, and Mathew Wells Coriolis forces influence the secondary circulation of gravity currents flowing in large scale sinuous submarine channel systems Cossu-chapman-poster-2011.png
Rebecca Dorsey, Greg Lazear A Preliminary Mass Balance for Colorado River Sediment Dorsey-chapman-poster-2011.png
Joseph Carlin, and Timothy Dellapenna Salt wedge controlled sediment dynamics of the Brazos River, TX: Storage in the lower river, transport to the shelf Carlin-chapman-poster-2011.png
André Sawakuchi, Carlos Guedes, Regina DeWitt, Paulo Giannini, Michael Blair, Daniel Nascimento Jr., and Frederico Faleiros OSL Sensitivity as a Tracer of Quartz sand grains in a coastal barrier from Southern Brazil Sawakuchi-chapman-poster-2011.png
Houjie Wang, Naishuang Bi, Zuosheng Yang, and Yoshiki Saito Hyperpycnal flows at the Mouth of Huanghe (Yellow River): Past, Present and Future Houjie-Wang-chapman-poster-2011.png
Pere Puig, Marta Ribó, Albert Palanques, Jorge Guillén, Claudio Lo Iacono, Maria Gómez-Ballesteros, and Juan Acosta Contemporary Off-shelf Sediment Transport on the Ebro Margin (COSTEM) Puig-chapman-poster-2011.png
Jean Noel Proust, Fabien Paquest, Philip Barnes, and Jarg Pettinga Controls on relief and sediment fluxes of active subduction margins at <<Geological>> time scales: 20-100 ka and 1 Ma. The Hawke Bay forearc domain example from New Zealand Proust-chapman-poster-2011.png
Rip Hale, Andrea S. Ogston, Alan R. Orpin, J.P. Walsh, D. Reide Corbett, and Charles A. Nittrouer Sediment-Gravity Flows on the Poverty Bay margin, New Zealand Hale-chapman-poster-2011.png
Naishuang Bi, Zuosheng Yang, Houjie Wang, and Yoshiki Saito Seasonal variation of suspended-sediment transport through the southern Bohai Strait, China Bi-chapman-poster-2011.png
John Shaw, and David Mohrig Tracking the distal extent and character of distributary channels on the Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA Shaw-chapman-poster-2011.png
A. Palanques, P. Puig, X. Durrieu de madron, A. Sanchez-Vidal, C. Pascual, J. Martin, A. Calafat, S. Heussner, and M. Canals Canyon and Open Slope as Sources of Suspended Sediment Transport in the Margin and Basin of the Western Gulf of Lions Palanques-chapman-poster-2011.png
Ray T. Hsu, James T. Liu, and Kevin C. Chang Variations of bulk floc density and porosity of different sizes in suspended particles in related to organic carbon in the Gaoping river plume in southern Taiwan Ray-Hsu-chapman-poster-2011.png
Kristen M. Lee, Andrea S. Ogston, and Charles A. Nittrouer Export and Retention of Fine-Grained Sediment on the Intertidal Complex of a Small Mountainous River: Skagit River Tidal Flats Lee-chapman-poster-2011.png
Rodrigo A. Fernandez, and John B. Anderson Temporal and Spatial variability in Glacial Erosion and Deposition based on a study of Patagonian and Antarctic Peninsula tidewater glacier settings Fernandez-chapman-poster-2011.png
Jim Shobe, Andrea S. Ogston, and Mike Field Terrestrial Sediment Flux Across a Fringing Reef in Moloka'i, Hawai'i Shobe-chapman-poster-2011.png
Aaron J. Bever, and Courtney K. Harris The influence of the geometry of Poverty Bay on sediment dispersal within the Waipaoa Sedimentary System: numerical model investigations comparing Holocene configurations Bever-chapman-poster-2011.png
L. Palamenghi, T. Schwenk, V. Spiess, and H.-R. Kudrass Anthropogenic stress and natural processes change the sediment partition in the Ganges Brahmaputra subaqueous delta as sink for the Himalaya denudation Palamenghi-chapman-poster-2011.png
Robert S. Reece, Sean P.S. Gulick, Brian Horton, Gail Christeson, Lindsay Worthington, and John Jaeger Tectonic and climatic influence on the evolution of the Surveyor Fan and Channel system, Gulf of Alaska Reece-chapman-poster-2011.png
Chih-An Huh, and Chorng-Shern Horng Magnetic properties as tracers for source-to-sink dispersal of sediments: a case study in the Taiwan Strait Huh-chapman-poster-2011.pngHuh-chapman-poster-2011-1.pngHuh-chapman-poster-2011-2.png
Michael Grentell, and Rolf Aalto Chute Channel Dynamics in Large, Sand-Bed Meandering Rivers Grentell-chapman-poster-2011.png
J.M. Moriarty, and C.K. Harris Wave-and Current-Induced Bed Stress on the Waipaoa Shelf, New Zealand: Variations in Time and Space Moriarty-chapman-poster-2011.png
Erlangga Septama, and Samuel J. Bentley Source to sink siliciclastic delivery in the deepwater Gulf of Papua from SEM-MLA aided provenance of the turbidite sand Septama-chapman-poster-2011.png
Geert-Jan Vis, Kees Kasse, Dick Kroon, and Jef Vandenberghe From Floodplain to Abyssal Plain >> Depocenter Migration of a large European River Vis-chapman-poster-2011.png