CSDMS meeting 2013 abstract list

Annual Meeting 2013
Moving Forward


Number of submitted abstracts: 49

NameAbstract title
ALVAREZ, LAURA Numerical modeling of turbulence and sediment transport in lateral recirculation zones along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ames, Dan HydroDesktop and the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Anderson, Leif S. The effects of interannual climate variability on the extraction of climate estimates from glacial moraines[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ashton, Andrew On a Neck, On a Spit[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Benaichouche, Abed Landscape evolution models and stream piracies phenomena[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Caldwell, Rebecca A morphodynamic link between grain size and delta morphology[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Canestrelli, Alberto A volume of fluid method for bank erosion in Delft3D[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Cheng, Jun Cross-shore and Vertical Distribution of Turbulence Kinetic Energy in the surf zone generated by plunging breakers.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
D'Alpaos, Andrea Biologic-Geomorphic feedbacks that sculpt tidal landscapes[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Duffy, Christopher Modeling The Isotopic “Age” of Water in Hydroecological Systems[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ferreira, Celso Implications of land-cover changes caused by sea-level rise on hurricane storm surge damage[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Floc'h, France 2D modelisation of non-hydrostatic internal waves on idealised embankment[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Friedrichs, Carl Combining Observations and Numerical Model Results to Improve Estimates of Hypoxic Volume Within the Chesapeake Bay[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Gasparini, Nicole Landlab: a component-based software modeling environment for computational Earth-surface processes modeling[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Han, Jianwei Exploring the mechanisms that control valley spacing in higher order fluvial channels with the CHILD Model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Harris, Courtney Linking Sediment Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry with Application to the Louisiana Continental Shelf[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Higgins, Stephanie Land Subsidence at Aquaculture Facilities in the Yellow River Delta, China[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hill, Philip Insights into late Quaternary events on the Beaufort Shelf and Slope from sea level and stratigraphic modeling[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hill, Mary Exploring Models[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hoomehr, Siavash Combined Effects of Climate Change and Urbanization on Cohesive Streambank Erosion[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Howard, Alan Simulating Fine-grained Alluvial Fan Sedimentation[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hsu, Leslie Data Services for Long Tail Science at the Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA) Data Facility[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hudson, Ben Model-Assisted River Discharge Estimates[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jafarov, Elchin The effect of snow: How to better model ground surface temperatures[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jenkins, Chris Globally extensive, Subgrid scale, Seafloor Drag (z0) for Input to Models[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jose, Felix Dispersion and Mixing of Atchafalaya River Plume: Impact on Oyster Restoration[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Kelbert, Anna A vision for EarthCube from the perspective of solid Earth geophysics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Kerr, Jeremy A 3-D cellular depositional model of platform evolution delivered at fine scale[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lakshmi, Venkat Use of satellite remote sensing to study land surface changes during extreme events[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Larsen, Laurel Cellular automata modeling of flow-vegetation-sediment interactions in low-gradient environments[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Li, Li Integrated modeling of coupled flow, transport, and biogeochemical processes in the natural subsurface[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lorenzo Trueba, Jorge A simple morphodynamic model of coastal barrier response to rising sea level[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lyons, Nathan Landscape Evolution Models as a Public Education Tool[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Moresi, Louis Underworld: A high-performance, modular long-term tectonics code[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nguyen, Phu Modeling the Upper Little Missouri River flash flood 2010 Using a Coupled Distributed Hydrologic and Hydraulic Model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nicholas, Andrew Morphodynamic modeling of large anabranching rivers[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nienhuis, Jaap Growth and abandonment: quantifying first-order controls on wave influenced deltas[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nudurupati, Sai Siddhartha Integration of an ‘Eco-hydrologic Component’ to a Generic Gridding Engine for 2D Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Olhsson, Elizabeth The Dynamic Watershed and Coastal Ocean: Predicting Biogeochemical Linkages and Variability over Decadal Time Scales[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ortiz, Alejandra A Mophodynamic Explanation for the Shoreface Depth of Closure[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Overeem, Irina Modeling of Waves and Storm Surge along the Arctic Coast of Alaska[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Plag, Hans-Peter Towards a Model Web for Sustainability on a Changing Planet[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Rogers, Kimberly Modeling floodplain dynamics: Can the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta keep pace with 21st century sea level rise?[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Roy, Samuel The Influence of Tectonic Strain on Landscape Evolution[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Schmeeckle, Mark Turbulence- and particle-resolving numerical modeling of sediment transport[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Tucker, Greg A Generic "Gridding Engine" for 2D Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Upton, Phaedra Coupled models place constraints on fluvial input into Lake Ohau, New Zealand[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Xing, Fei Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana: Factors Controlling Hydrodynamics and Morphological Changes during Hurricane Rita (2005)[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Zhang, Qian Long-term Seasonal Trends of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Suspended Sediment Load from the Non-tidal Susquehanna River Basin to Chesapeake Bay[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]