CSDMS meeting 2011 abstract list

CSDMS Meeting 2011
Impact of time and process scales


Number of submitted abstracts: 38
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NameAbstract title
Ashton, Andrew Characteristic Timescales of Shoreface Response to Sea-Level Rise[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Barnhart, Katherine Modeling the rate and style of Arctic coastal retreat along the Beaufort Sea, Alaska[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Barton, Michael High resolution surface process modeling in a GRASS GIS environment[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Borden, Zachary Direct numerical simulation of sediment erosion[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Burns, Peter Instabilities in particle-laden systems[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Choi, Eunseo Landslide rupture and length-depth scaling[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Cohen, Sagy Improved water discharge predictions in WBMsed, a Global riverine Sediment Flux model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Duan, Jennifer Depth-Averaged Two Dimensional Model Using Cartesian Cut-Cell Approach[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Eakins, Barry A new way to access digital elevation models[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ferreira, Celso Numerical Modeling of the Impact of Wetlands on Hurricane Storm Surge in Coastal Bays[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Friedrichs, Carl Results of the US IOOS Testbed for Comparison of Hydrodynamic Models of the Chesapeake Bay[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Harris, Courtney Using a three-dimensional coupled sediment – hydrodynamic model to explore feedbacks between erodibility and sediment trapping in a partially mixed estuary, York River, VA.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hinzman, Larry The Need for System Scale Studies in Polar Regions[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hudson, Ben Combining MODIS imagery and PLUME modeling to estimate discharge of freshwater from the Greenland Ice Sheet to the coast[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jenkins, Chris Temporal-spatial features of Biologically-Based Carbonate Modeling[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Kasprak, Alan Modeling Gravel Bed River Morphodynamics Using a Step-Length Based Approach[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Kim, Wonsuck Sea-level rise, depth-dependent carbonate growth, and the paradox of drowned platforms[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Le Bouteiller, Caroline A velocity-dependant friction law for flexible vegetation in a 2D hydrodynamic model.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lewis, Ted Using the Flood Early Warning System with Ocean Modeling Data[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Liang, Man A new channel-resolving reduced-romplexity model for sedimentary delta formation[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lorenzo Trueba, Jorge A model framework for fluvial-delta evolution that accounts for the accumulation of organic sediment[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Maxwell, Reed Towards a complete description of the hydrologic cycle: Large scale simulations with the open-source, parallel, ParFlow hydrologic model.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Mugford, Ruth Modeling a Continuous Permafrost Basin on the North Slope of Alaska[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Murray, Brad Don’t upscale the coastline; scales of cumulative change emerge[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nasr-Azadani, Mohamad TURBINS: A computational tool for three-dimensional, high-resolution simulations of particle-laden flows[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Overeem, Irina Floodplain Deposition Modeling: Time and Spatial Scale Issues[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Perignon, Mariela Using Neighborhood-Algorithm Inversion to Test and Calibrate Landscape Evolution Models[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Picard, Kim The complexity of modeling a glaciated shelf using SEDFLUX[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Potts, Donald A Knowledge Base Supporting Biologically-Based Carbonate Modeling[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
SAFAK, ILGAR Modeling sediment transport processes and residence times in the shallow coastal bay complex of the Virginia Coast Reserve[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Sherwood, Chris Stratigraphic Modeling in ROMS[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Singh, Arvind Landscape response to climate change: Insights from an experimental model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Slingerland, Rudy Relationships between sediment caliber and delta shoreline geometry and stratigraphy[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Vanmaercke, Matthias Predicting sediment yields from undisturbed catchments: the dominant role of tectonics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ward, Dylan Modeling the Glacial-Interglacial Impact of the Pacific Trade Wind Inversion on the Geomorphology and Hydrology of the Big Island of Hawaii[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Wickert, Andrew Feedbacks between surface processes and flexural isostasy: a motivation for coupling models[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Xing, Fei Exploring river - wave dominated delta evolution applying a model-coupling approach[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Zanardo, Stefano A wavelet-based DEM regularization methodology aimed at improving distributed rainfall-runoff modeling[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]